Lightsaver Necklaces

Inspired by the ancient Chinese "Pi" (a symbol of good fortune)
and Lifesaver candies which they look like.
I have created these Lightsaver necklaces.

These are examples I have produced over time.
A standard assortment includes many blues and greens, a few purples, a clear/white and maybe a redish tone.
We can personalize your palette of colors when you place your order.

Lightsavers come in two styles ;
small - 1 in. diameter and oval (not shown yet) - 1 1/2 in. x 1 in.
(these sizes are approximate)
They include decorative silver filled chain and jump rings.

Each piece is handmade and cast from of assorted colors of stained and dichroic glass.
They are layered and fired individually.
This one of a kind-ness creates unique variations

Small Lightsaver 1

Small Lightsaver 2

Small Lightsaver 3

Small Lightsaver 4

Small Lightsaver 5

Small Lightsaver 6

Small Lightsaver 7

Small Lightsaver 8