Collage Vases

These are some examples I have produced over time.
Do not feel you need to pick specific colors.
Most buyers simply order an assortment. We can choose a palette when you place your order.

A freeform and exciting new addition to my line of luminous vases.
Each piece is handmade and comprised of 3 or more layers of glass.
They are cut, layered and fired individually. This one of a kind-ness creates unique variations

These vases hold water, flowers, etc... and are hung with a a short loop
of monofilament from a hook, small nail or push pin on the wall or widow frame.

They are approximately 3" wide and 10" tall.

Collage Vase 1

Collage Vase 2

Collage Vase 3

Collage Vase 4

Collage Vase 5

Collage Vase 6

Collage Vase 7

Collage Vase 8

Collage Vase 9