-----◊ ◊ ◊ ---I'd like to share a little information about me,jan__frm-nu
-----◊◊ ◊ ----my art work and my materials.
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◊ A Bit About the Artist
---------Tibetan Buddhist student, meditator,
---------teacher for 30+ years: around the western world.
---------Organic farmer: Nova Scotia, Canada.
---------Wetland & pond surveyor, designer: NH & Vermont.
---------Shiatsu Therapist: Boston, London, Philadelphia
---------Stress Management instructor at University of Penn.
---------Self-taught glass artist of objects to wear or use.
---------Now residing in the Catskill Mountains of New York State.
---------I am surrounded by abundant flower, vegetable and wildlife gardens
---------which are a short backyard stroll from the wild woods and mountain river.
---------Unknown... with aspirations that these pieces of luminous
-----------------------glass will delight and enlighten your world.
◊ A Bit About the Art
---------These pieces are handmade, fused, dichroic glass.
---------They are all one of a kind.
---------Each piece is composed of Stained Glass
---------and Dichroic Glass (the luminous glass).
---------I take large sheets of glass, cut them into pieces,
---------stack, and arrange them by hand.
---------Then I fire them in a kiln at 1500 degrees F
---------where the glass melts and fuses together.
---------Most pieces are made of at least 2-3 layers of glass.
---------I love to sit simply in my studio, be present
---------and allow the glass to seemingly arrange itself.
---------Upon removing the fused pieces from the kiln,
---------I am always intrigued and delighted by the magical transformation
---------that occurs when raw glass melts into unique, brilliant
---------and explosively luminous universes of color and light.
◊ A Bit About About the Glass
Dichroic Glass:
---------Dichroic means two color.
---------There is a coating on the glass that reflects one color of light
---------and transmits another.
---------These two colors shift depending upon the angle of view
---------giving an opalescent and iridescent effect.
---------The coating is created by using a highly technical vacuum deposition process
---------in which Quartz Crystal, Titanium, Zirconium and other metal oxides
---------are vaporized with an electron beam gun.
---------The vapor floats upward, attaches and condenses on the surface of the glass
---------in the form of a crystalline structure.
---------There are at least 30 layers of these materials
---------yet the coating is only about 35 millionths of an inch thick.