Doo-Drops Necklace

Inspired by the popular Hoop-Dee-Doo earrings
I have created the Doo-Drops Necklace.

These are examples I have produced over time.
A standard assortment includes many blues and greens, a few purples, a clear/white and maybe a redish tone.
We can personalize your palette of colors when you place your order.

Each necklace is handmade and includes dichroic and stained glass doos (glass tabs),
Swarovski crystal and Czech glass beads on an adjustable sterling silver filled chain.

Doo-Drops 1

Doo-Drops 2

Doo-Drops 3

Doo-Drops 4

Doo-Drops 5

Doo-Drops 6

Doo-Drops 7

Doo-Drops 8

Doo-Drops 9

Doo-Drops 10

Doo-Drops 11

adjustable chain detail