All of these items are one of a kind.

I make them in my studio when they are ordered,

I generally do not have a lot of stock on hand.

Wholesale orders usually take one to three weeks to be sent out.

When selecting the items most wholesale buyers simply ask for an assortmentof colors,

which will be predominantly blues and greens with a few additional accent colors.

Or, they specify what general colors they want to predominate.

You can be more specific if you like.

The pictures I have here are some of my collection.

The glass colors and dichroic accents are always changing.

If you are unhappy with an item you can return it for exchange.


Wholesale Customers:

Please contact me with your store information

and I will be happy to send you a price list of all my items.

Then you can either call in or email me your order.

I ship via Priority Post.

Please call me at 845-688-1505,

or email me at jan@janwilcox.com