Pocket Vases

Alone or in a grouping these vases hang a splash of joy in a window or on a wall.

These are some examples I have produced over time.

Vases are made of three layers of glass,
two layers of Stained glass with added Dichroic glass accents.
I fuse a wire into them for the handle. They hold water for fresh flowers.
Each vase comes with a small, high quality suction cup to allow the vase to be
hung on a window, mirror
or a fridge door.. You can also hang one on a wall with a push pin.
They measure approximately 2.5" wide and 4" high.

Green -Yellow Streamer + Color Chips

Light Blue Streamer

Light Green Streamer

Pink -Green Streamer + Color Chips

Red -Yellow Streamer + Color Chips

Dark Blue Streamer - Cobalt

Red Streamer - Pink

Pink Streamer - Spring Green


Lavender - Aqua


Lavender - Blue

Spring Green - Green

Aqua - Cobalt

Aqua - Turquoise

Aqua - Spring Green

Lavender - Pink

Pink - Orange

Turquoise - Green

Lavender - Aqua - Spring Green

Lavender - Light Green

Yellow -Red Frit Spiral

Light Green - Lavender - Aqua

Light Green - Spring Green

Light Green - Aqua

Light Green - Cobalt

Lavender - Spring Green

Turquiose - Cobalt

Light Blue - Turquiose - Green

Turquiose - Light Blue - Lavender